Big 5 Sea Safari - Walker Bay

Join the Ivanhoe team for what will undoubtedly be a memorable 2hr Big 5 Sea Safari.  Our goal is to target Walker Bays Big 5, Whales, Dolphin, Seals, Penguin and Marine Birds.

We depart from the harbor of Gansbaai and cruise along the scenic route passing the cliffs of De Kelders and De Platt Beach.  Observe the stunning coast line, contrasting white beach's with the blue skies and chameleon waters that stretch for miles from Gansbaai to Hermanus, we then set course and head out into the middle of the bay in search of our Marine Big 5.

Bottlenose Dolphin are often seen on our trips and if we are lucky enough to encounter a school this is the time to grab the Zoom lens as Dolphins love to entertain and it’s a photographer’s paradise.

On our return to Gansbaai harbour we pay more attention to Danger point, this is often where we find the resident Bryde's whales of the area.

Bryde’s whales are hunters and feed on wide variety of fish, mackerel is common to the waters as well as planktonic, crustaceans, and cephalopods.

Bryde's whales have an upright, falcate dorsal fin that is up to 46.25 cm (18.21 in) in height, averages 34.4 cm (13.5 in), and is usually between 30 and 37.5 cm (11.8 and 14.8 in).  It is often frayed or ragged along its rear margin and located about two-thirds of the way along the back.

On your Big 5 Sea Safari our crew will educate you on all aspects of Marine life, with a qualifying Marine Biologist and a Skipper with over 15yrs experience there is a wealth of knowledge for you to tap.  No trip is the same and we can never guarantee what you will see, we hope to spot our local Marine Big 5, but there is also so much more Marine mammal and bird life on offer.  It's an avid photographers dream!

Finally we must not forget the past, Danger Point is also famous as this is where the British iron paddle-wheel frigate HMS Birkenhead, weighing 1400 tons, was tragically lost.   This stretch of water has earned its reputation by default, our Marine Big 5 Sea Safari is dependent on the water conditions at danger point, if the water conditions for this area will not deliver a memorable experience your trip may be switch to our Walker Bay Big 5 Safari as we always strive to deliver an experience you will treasure for a life time, and we must respect this stretch of water.

Big 5 Sunset Sea Safari

** All the above with complimentary cheese and wine ** - Currently unavailable

Admire the beautiful coastline, spot the local Oceans big 5 while you sit back and sample a selection of locally produced fine cheese and wine.

Big 5 Sea Safari Award

Enjoy sampling a platter of cheese produced by the Klein River cheese factory. The factory can be found nestled on the banks of the Klein River, surrounded by lush green hills and mountains. They use Jersey and Ayrshire milk collected from 2 neighboring farms to produce a selection of 13 types of cheese.

Taste a selection of wine from the Raka wine estate. The Raka brand was named after Piet Dreyer's black fishing vessel. Piet's first love has always been the sea. For some 36 years he braved the storms and challenges of the coast, ever in search of the best catch. It is with the same passion that the Dreyer family now pursue the art of wine making.

What you can expect to see

  • Cliffs of De Kelders
  • Caves of De Kelders - (Swell dependent)
  • Danger Point
  • Where HMS Birkenhead went down
  • Romans Bay - Seal Colony
  • Marine Mammals
  • Marine Bird life

You may also see

  • Dolphins
  • Cape Fur Seals
  • Bryde's & Humpback Whales
  • Minke & False Killer Whales
  • The African Penguin
  • Plenty of Marine Birds