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Welcome to Ivanhoe Sea Safaris Blog

Welcome to the Ivanhoe Sea Safaris Blog, your ultimate source for all things related to marine adventure and exploration in South Africa's stunning coastal regions. Here, we share our passion for the ocean and provide you with insider tips, engaging stories, and expert advice to enhance your whale watching and marine life experiences.

At Ivanhoe Sea Safaris, we pride ourselves on being the pioneers of the whale watching industry in South Africa, with over five years of consecutive recognition as a Certificate of Excellence winner. Our blog is dedicated to showcasing the beauty and wonder of the marine world, from the awe-inspiring great white sharks of Gansbaai to the majestic whales that grace the waters of Hermanus.

Join us as we dive deep into the fascinating marine ecosystems, share the latest news and updates from the sea, and offer practical guides to make your adventures unforgettable. Whether you're a seasoned marine enthusiast or planning your first ocean safari, our blog is here to inspire and inform you every step of the way.

Stay tuned for captivating stories, expert insights, and everything you need to know to embark on an extraordinary journey with Ivanhoe Sea Safaris. Welcome aboard!


Ivanhoes Blog

21 June 2021

Hermanus Whale Festival 2021 – Cancelled

Hermanus whale festival is a yearly event that takes place on the last weekend of September to celebrate the arrival of Southern Right whales to the shores of South Africa.  Every year during the months of June and December, Southern Right Whale mothers make their way to the sheltered waters of Walker Bay to raise their calves. During the peak of this season, visitors of a different kind also flock to the area to attend the Hermanus whale festival. This festival was established in the early 1990’s and is an enviro-arts festival not to be missed. The Whale festival is a lively outdoor event that takes place towards the end of September.
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